Customer Testimonials

Dr. Than A Luu MD

Family Medicine Templeton, CA

I’m a primary care physician who has been working with Lab Genomics DNA based testing for the past two years

I was hesitant at first to use DNA test because it was something, I was not familiar with interpreting and using the results and treating patients.

I finally decided after to give DNA testing a try after treating several complicated recurrent UTI’s cases.

The first time I used it I had to spend about 10 to 15 minutes going over all the results because it was very detailed however after using it several times I spent less than a minute looking at the results and being able to formulate a treatment plan for my patients

The reason why I am highly recommend using this particular test and lab it allows me to actively Treat the current infection and proactively deal with recurrent and complicated UTIs

Another bonus that I found working with Genomic Lab is that their turnaround time has been very quick so the treatment to the patient is much faster and their staff has been very supportive.

Jamie Taylor, MDS

Ciena Healthcare

Thank you for your extremely professional, and pleasant services over the past several months. As we all know change can be very difficult in our busy lifestyles and professional careers. With that said, a SPECIAL thank you for assisting us in our HUGE transition from St. Mary’s nursing and rehabilitation to our new state of the art home at Regency at Saint Clair Shores.

Our staff as a whole has a better outlook and understanding of Lab Genomics, simply because you took the time out of your busy schedule and came in and Inservice us, not once but several times.

Transitioning from one lab to another was difficult, and then when you add in the fact that we also transitioned to a new building, Between the two, we want to thank you for you undivided attention and assistance.

We are comfortable knowing that we have the both of you staying on top of things, ensuring that we receive our test results timely, and emailing to ensure this no matter the time of day. We also appreciate that the supplies are always available, and you continue offering good customer service.

According to the statics provided, our recurrent UTIs have decreased by 100%.

Kelly Dolby

Director of Nursing Regency of Livonia

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all of your services over the past year. You both have made transitioning to a new lab very easy.

The time you take to ensure that the Nurses and Physicians fully understand the new lab, the procedure to order, how to read the reports and that they are comfortable has been most helpful.

Your customer service is beyond anything I have ever experienced. Not only are you both highly professional but you are both personable as well. That truly has helped during all of the education you have provided to us here at the building. I also appreciate the fact that you take time out of your busy schedule to come to the building to not only ensure that we have enough supplies in the building but also that staff have a clear understanding of the process.

Vickie Sane, BBA, RRT

Respiratory Therapy Director, Save Senior Care

In my many years serving as a Respiratory Therapist, Director of Respiratory Therapy, and sitting on the State Board as Chair of the Sub-Acute Respiratory section, I have educated many nurses, staff and administrators with the challenges facing our more acutely ill patients being sent into the lower level of care in a shorter span of time. 

Our main focus is to keep them stable, rehabilitate them and stop the turntable of patients from returning back into the hospital systems. One of the many areas I have taken great pride in managing, are Acute Care and Long-term care ventilator facilities within Michigan. The care and accuracy of timely diagnosing our patients is critical and this type of testing assists in keeping our patients to get the immediate care they need without having to be sent out for the same level of testing.

This is why our highly trained staff and our lab services must be a seamless partnership. In dealing with Lab Genomics and their local representatives Michael Pokorski and Sam Savedes it has been a true partnership that other lab services were not providing to us. Their knowledge of the services provided, testing capabilities, turn-around time on results and continuous follow up is unmatched in the area by other providers. 

As for the Next Gen Sequencing Testing Lab Genomics uses this is becoming the new “Gold Standard” of testing and compliments very stringent State guidelines and McGreer Criteria we follow. Most importantly Lab Genomics is continuously expanding and improving their testing reports. In December, they are expanding the ability to test for specific respiratory viruses and bacterial organisms far exceeding any lab services we have used before. Their lab is also adding the CDC recommended Antibiotic Resistance Graph to complement their UTI test. This also supports the CDC guidelines for Antibiotic Stewardship and assists our clinicians for quality continuum of care and positively supports our State outcomes data.
I am very pleased to work with Sam and Michael and they have become like family to me and our facility and would highly recommend them for those seeking a very professional lab testing service.

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