Michael P. Pokorski

Founder & CEO

Michael P. Pokorski is the Founder and CEO of Nu Endeavors Sales Group. Harnessing 30 years of experience in the Medical Device Industry, Michael started the Nu Endeavors Sales Group to provide customers with cutting-edge technologies at cost-effective prices. The Sales Group was founded in 2015, but due to the growing need of lab testing during the COVID-19 pandemic, the group expanded in 2020. Due to growing success, Michael was able to expand the Nu Endeavors management team and the Group is now on track to hit nearly $10M in sales.  



Michael has a passion for curating relationships. His work as a Medical Device Sales Representative at Fortune 100 Companies including Genentech, Guidant, Boston Scientific and St. Jude, has helped nurture relationships and allowed him to build a large network of clients. Most recently at Infraredx, a Nipro Company, Michael built a US sales team from the ground up to help sell a novel cardiac imaging device to cardiovascular labs.



Michael’s number one goal is to help businesses sell better technology and get better results. The Nu Endeavors mission is to provide advanced products and cost saving services to the medical market to assist with rising facility costs. Michael and the Nu Endeavors team have created a successful product portfolio that includes DNA lab testing products, preventive care technologies and medical waste hauling and medical revenue recovery service.


 In his free time, Michael enjoys hunting, working out, and spending time with his three children Tyler, Blake and Claire, and his wife of 29 years, Jennifer.

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