NU Endeavors Sales Group offers Next Gen products and services nationwide to both small and large medical groups.


  • State-of-Art Molecular Genetic Testing for UTI, RP, GI, PGx and Wound Management.
  • Patented device technology designed for the safe, efficient and legal in-facility disposal of regulated medical waste.
  • Waste Hauling

Our goal is to show how using Lab Genomics patented enhanced DNA testing give facilities and physicians Comprehensive, Accurate and Fast results for making the best health care decisions for patients for…
NO additional costs!

What Tests do we currently Offer?


  • Lab Genomics use State-of-Art DNA Technology for UTI, RP, GI, PGx and Wounds Management versus Old School Cultures, Sensitivity methods or just “Trial and Error” Prescribing.
  • Our results also help provide better compliance with the CDC’s Antibiotic Stewardship and State Requirements.

Results in 24-72 hours, FDA cleared and Covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most insurances

our In-house waste disposal

Biomedical Waste Hauling

Nu Endeavorswas cultivated with the ideal in mind of providing state-of-the-art molecular genetic testing with the end goal of the best quality of life possible for the patient.

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