Nu Endeavors Sales Group

Nu Endeavors Sales Group Offers Next Gen Products And Cost Saving Services Nationwide To Both Small And Large Medical Groups

Our Mission

Nu Endeavors Sales Group was started with the idea of bringing better technology for better results, cost saving products, services and supplies to the medical market. Whereas medical facilities, doctors and patients keep utilizing old school testing methodologies, trial and error prescribing and costs that constantly keep rising. It is our mission to source and provide advanced products and cost saving services that help the medical market with better patient outcomes and rising facility costs.

Nu Endeavors Products and Services

Preventive Care Technologies

Preventive care for a healthy lifestyle. Our strategic partnership with Fairway Health & Wellness offers an all-in-one preventative diagnostic tool and Biophotonic scanner that offers an in-office 15 minute screening with easy-to-interpret results.

We offer

  • 3 Diagnostic Tests; and
  • 5 Billable Diagnostic Tests
    • Ankle Brachial Test (93923)
    • Autonomic Function Test (95921)
    • Sudomotor Test (95923)
    • Electrocardiogram Test (93040)
    • Pulse Oximetry (94761)


  • Easy to use
  • Portable cart with small footprint
  • Tests performed while patients wait
  • Little training required for staff

DNA Lab Testing by Lab Genomics

Lab Genomics enhanced DNA testing gives facilities and physicians:

  • Comprehensive
  • Accurate
  • Fast Results

For making the best health care decisions for patients with NO additional cost!

Medical Waste Hauling

  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Most competitive rates on the market
  • Fully OSHA compliant
  • Servicing 25 States.
  • Provide online OSHA training to keep your facility and staff in compliance.

Medical Revenue Recovery


Introducing SureSave™ — Zatera’s proprietary revenue recovery model with a risk-free guarantee: “we guarantee to recover revenue for your company, or we do not receive a fee.”




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